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Cherry grove in flower at the Auckland Domain.

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“As soon as we knew each other
We inaugurated the word friend!
A friend is a smile
From mouth to mouth,
A very clean look
a house, even modest, that is offered.
A heart ready to beat
In our hand!
Friend (…)
Friend is the opposite of enemy!
Friend is the corrected error,
Not the pursued, explored error.
It is the shared, practised truth.
Friend is the defeated solitude!
Friend is a great task,
An endless work,
A useful space, a fertile time,
Friend is going to be, and is already a great party! “

Alexander O’Neill

Thank you, dear friends, for letting me participate in this party!

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Gorilla eyes
Image by eurodrifter via Flickr

Did you know?…

Gorillas have a DNA structure which is 98 to 99% identical to humans. They have individual fingerprints, just like us, and they are considered “highly intelligent”. They can communicate through sign language and the only thing that stops them from talking is a glottic ability and social stimulation. Dian Fossey, through her brilliant research in Rwanda, from which was created the Work Gorillas in the Mist, disproved all “misconceptions and myths” about the gorillas, demonstrating that they have, just like the humans, a society where relationships between individuals and as a group prevail. This Work originated, in 1988, an extraordinary movie, where Sigourney Weaver, impersonating Dian Fossey, has an outstanding participation.

Detail about those relationships and the lost link between primates and humans are very well explained in Le Paradigme Perdu, written by Edgar Morin in 1973. This is an Anthropological study which, rather than explore the contrasts between human and animal characteristics, looks for the Man through “his multiple births, since the Origins”.

Still, in spite of this all acquired knowledge, some gorillas still live the way you see below.

What did I do to deserve this?

What did I do to deserve this?

Look at me!

I have a heart that beats

Like yours

Stronger with emotion,

Faster with fear…

I have a hand that holds

Like yours

Caresses with tenderness,

Draws with passion,

Like yours!

I have infinity in my eyes,

Dreams so wild,

Like yours;

A spark of intelligence

Like yours…

Abstract thinking

Like yours

Imagination, who knows…

Like yours.

You don’t know.

Did you ever talk to me?

You can’t understand…

Why am I not free?

I close my eyes

See the trees

So far away…

But I can’t reach!

One love,

One family

Like yours…

But I can’t see

Only the cage bars

And people looking at me

As at the strangest thing.

A toy

With no feelings.

And after all

We all know

The same Tree.

Instead of learning and appreciating all this Beauty that surrounds us, we keep locking it in cages. Why?

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A prayer to the grannies

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Little one

Mother of God

Mother of God

“You are tiny and you laugh… The brief mouth
Is a small rose idyll…
Stem of fragile and mimosa iris!
Safe of kisses done dream and snow!

Candy chimera that our soul owns
To the Sky that thus makes you so gracious!
How in this bitter and tormenting life
it made you be born as a light perfume!

Seeing your look makes people well…
Smells and knows, our mouth, the flowers
When it says your name, softly…

Tiny the Mother of God dreamed you,
May she move away from you those grieves
That made of me this, who I am!”

Florbela Espanca

An Angel in our lives

An Angel in our lives

To those who walked before us in this path of rocks and flowers, who cried our tears,
who laughed our joy, who gave us the most precious knowledge and prepared the way to our happiness.
Thank you for your blessings.
Wish you were here

Wish you were here

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Odin’s longest night

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Thunder above Madeira waters
Image by Madeira via Flickr

      A long, lonely and stony path ran among the boulders, progressively enlarging as the pouring rain swept the hills. Standing close to the junction, leaning to an old worm-eaten log of a fallen tree, absent-minded from the wind, the traveller was thinking. His grey curly hair wasn’t even wet, in spite of the great downpour, perhaps because his sharp-pointed hat, with large brims, was sheltering him from the storm. A half-smile lightened his face and a naughty shine was dancing in his eyes. As any young mischievous boy waiting in the shade to play a trick on the careless, an expression of determination on his young face. A young face of an old man; what a timeless irony! Yes, but so it was! His skin was smooth and fresh as a child’s .

      Impatient, he scratched the contorted staff in the ground. What was happening? It was late – the shadows lenghtened among the trees. He wasn’t afraid of the darkness; no! What could there be in the night to affect him? He was fearless, in fact, but it occurred to him that the young travellers he was waiting for were delayed by the night. Now, what? What would he do?

      He closed his eyes, with all his might, and whispered his doubts to the wind. In this very moment, a lone thunder roared far away and an unforeseen flash lightened the sky.

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The teenage dilemma

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“There are no stars in the sky to brighten my way,

For as many friends I have I always feel alone.

What is it worth to have the house key to enter,


[Refrain] The springtime of life is pretty of living,

So fast the sun shines as to follow it is raining.

For me today it is January, it is so cold that cracks,

It seems that the entire world joined to conspire against me!


I spend hours in the Cafe, without knowing where to go,

Everything around me is so ugly, I only feel like running away.

I see myself at night in the mirror, the body always changing,

At morning I hear the advice that the old Dad has to give me.

[Refrain] Hu-hu-hu-hu-hu, hu-hu-hu-hu-hu.

I wander around secretly, to watch the windows,

Lost in the avenues and found in the side streets.

Mother, my first love was a trapeze without a net,

Get out of the way, please, I’m between the sword and the wall.


Don’t you see how that is hard? To be young is not a rank!

To have to face the future with pimples in the face.

Why is it all so uncertain? It can’t be always this way!

If it wasn’t the Rock and Roll, what would become of me?”


Rui Veloso



How difficult, how hard, how sometimes excruciating is being a teenager! How confusing are those sudden crisis of Identity that come out of nowhere whithout any apparent reason. How complicated is to try a reasonable way through that maze of  intricated arguments.

When I was a young girl, I used to have these inflamed speeches about how parents should treat and educate children as peers. My mom used to answer: “Let it be… When you have your own children, you’ll see how it is!” Today, I understand that I was wrong – a mother is a mother and a father is a father. There must be boundaries, respect and responsability.

I’ve had thousands of teenagers in my teaching career; each with his own different life, different problems and different answers. I managed to solve everything through an open dialogue, the strategy of Active Listening and an assertive attitude.

But being a teenager is questioning authority. It is natural and “proper”; it is part of the process of developping an healthy social relationship – like the young wolves defying the old ones to see who gets the Alpha position. Teenagers think that they know everything and that they are ready to face the challenges of an adult life.  The world is changing, though. The dangers of our days are not the same we faced twenty years ago. How many times do I remember, with only eight years old, walking in the streets of my hometown, to meet my mother at her job? Who ever could do that now? Not even an adult, sometimes.

Being a teenager is being a rebel by nature. A little bit of insatisfaction gives it a special charm. No matter how much they are entitled to, how many priviledges they have, they want more, always more.  There is always a reason, but something that they can’t or won’t explain. My son, for example, was complaining today about something that I didn’t let him do. When I asked “What did you ask me to do and I didn’t let you?”, he answered “I don’t know!” Then I asked “But what would you like to do?” he answered, once more, “I don’t know!” I don’t know, he said, is when the teenager can’t think about what to say.

So, does this riddle have a solution?

There are excellent theories of psychologists and teachers about the teenage years. But who can best explain what is being a teenager than a teenager?…

Thank you to my son for his help in this post.

Michael Jackson died.

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Michael JacksonMichael Jackson via

Michael Jackson Dies In Los Angeles At Age 50

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Michael Jackson died.

I cannot help feeling a touch of sorrow in my heart. I wasn’t properly his fan – he had some musics I liked and some I didn’t, but one thing is absolutely uncontestable: he made a mark in the History of Music.

He was a fascinating young boy, who created a unique style of dancing, and a man whom the world could not take its eyes of. Controversial, intense, unsatisfied, a mixture of the image of a brave and within, a child that couldn’t help fearing the invisible enemy.
I think that very few people knew who the real Michael, behind the mask, was. But I could see in his eyes that, even with all that wealth and high quality of life, he wasn’t happy.
I know that he leaves millions and millions of fans, who will carry in their hearts his voice, for the rest of their lives.

He was a “king”, side by side with Elvis and the Beatles, the only ones who sold more records than him. He achieved 750 millions of albums sold.

A prayer to him, a soul who lived in a mist. I hope he finds his Peace and his perfect world now.


“Heal the World
Make it a better place
For you and for me
And the entire Human Race
There are people dying
If you care enough
For the living
Make a better place
For you and for me


And the Dream we were
Conceived in
Will reveal a joyful face
And the World we
Once believed in
Will shine again in grace
Then why do we keep
Strangling Life
Wound this Earth
Crucify its soul
Though it’s plain to see
This World is heavenly
Be God’s glow ”

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Hope to Harley.

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friends helping friendsImage by johnpiercy via Flickr

This is a story I could not remain indifferent to, and as I know, and I believe, that Blogs may take the stories further, I thought I would give it a try… Maybe it gets to the right place.

The little Harley is in Manchester Children’s Hospital.
He is four years old only. A bright, cute little boy with deep, beautiful brown eyes.
Little Harley had Meningitis B, a terrible disease that can knock in anyone’s door. Any of us…
He fought for life. He survived. But his limbs were amputated.
Harley is still smiling and he still has faith in life.
His parents are asking for new prosthetic members for Harley. It isn’t too expensive; £100.000.

I won’t point the finger, this time. I won’t say: football players, politicians, economists, renowned artists. I will just say… What if?… What if it was your child?

Those who earn millions, thousands of pounds every week (or any other currency, who cares)… Hey, what difference will it make to you £100.000 more or less? What blessings and greatness you’ll feel in your conscience seeing little Harley growing well and happy?

With your help!

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