Diversity rocked the cage


Courage; that’s what makes people rock the cage. Courage to beat the problems every day, to overcome the difficulties, even when there seems to be no way out. Courage to always believe that tomorrow will be better, even when all the doors are closed and when everybody turns their back. Courage to stand for something, courage to share. When we look to the outside world through the cage bars, behind the barb wire, that’s the only thing that’s left – the courage.

Diversity rocked the cage. A group of kids of all ages stood up before the crowd and said “We deserve our opportunity in this world.” They conquered it against all odds and I’m sure that they will share it with others. A demonstration that it isn’t for sure with politics of repression and suspicion that we are opening doors to this youth. Give them a chance and they will show how great they are. Show them that there is a future and they will grab it with both hands, even if they know that there is only a small line of light in the horizon.


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