The new American Dream

Here they come, four-wheel politicians; now it’s called politics 3:0. Full of enthusiasm, a bright smile on their faces, sweet words in their mouths. Politics 3:0 is defined as socialization – kiss the children, hug the elderly, promiss all better conditions of life. After they won, generally it doesn’t matter – they never show their faces again to the people, except through the Media. A new strategy? No, an old one with a new name. Beware.

But a new light shone among the clouds. True in his words, faithful to his ideals, honouring his promises from the first day. He is trying to change the world, to make it a better place for all of us. Fighting against all the pressures, all the lobbies, against a world of prejudice where, unfortunately, the tone of skin matters. All my respect to Mr President, Barack Obama. I know he’ll make a real change. Thanks to him, we all have a possibility to see politics in another way, to understand that there is a world beyond corruption and “filling the pockets”. We now know that words can be believed, that the future can be brighter. To the best and to the worst, thank you, Mr. Obama.


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