The Brazilian Rainforest

First Part

When we think about our future ( the future of mankind and of life on Earth as we currently know it) we must be aware that the rainforest is disappearing at a dangerous  pace . Why should it concern each one of us? Why should we Rock the Cage in this matter? The rainforest of Amazonas represents the air we breathe everyday and the very fragile balance that still exists in our world. We saw the consequences of breaking this balance in several catastrophic fiction films, lately released. That’s not so far away from us as we may think. But there are several other reasons that may affect our day-to-day lives and give us a more urgent awareness of what we are losing. I’m talking about disease. The rainforest is the supplier of the raw material to produce thousands of remedies. I can give you an example of a rather “modern world” disease that can find its answer in the rainforest – the Diabetes. You have the Bauhinia Forficata and the Myrcia Sphaeracarpa. This last one is a true miracle of the nature – it acts as the insulin. You have also the Cordia Salicifolia, an excellent help for who wants to lose weight in an healthy way. If those don’t have a special meaning to you, I can add that the healing for Skin Cancer is being researched right now, using the oil of an Amazonian tree.  And Skin Cancer is rising dangerously.

Silvio Naumes my very best friend in Brazilian Rainforest - Sumauma Tree

Silvio Naumes my very best friend in Brazilian Rainforest - Sumauma Tree

The problem is trees like these are falling down day by day, hundreds and hundreds; thousands of square miles each year. There is a powerful industry behind it (only one?) We can talk about the wood and the cattle. 

Brazilian Cattle

Brazilian Cattle

Many people, including known artists like Sting, made and are still making an extraordinary effort to save the rainforest. They can’t do it alone, though. We need a global support, if we want to save our own future; the one of our children. Can you imagine what will happen when it disappears?     To be continued…


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