The Man and the Peace

Are there any words to comment this overwhelming speech? It is doubtlessly a speech of tolerance, of opening and of respect. It is a deep change and it will make History. Mr. Obama spoke honestly, clearly and in a way that reaches peoples’ hearts (did you notice that he wasn’t reading?). No-one can remain indifferent to such words. Lets give a chance to Peace, beginning with a dialogue between nations and cultures who see each other as enemies. It is an unique opportunity and we mustn’t waste it, for the sake of Mankind. Suspicion and fear must be put aside and it’s worth to give it a try. Mr. Obama is right – I had the priviledge of reading with an open mind the Koran, which I studied through the International Islamic University Averroes de Al-Andalus; the Bible, because I am a Christian, and no words in these books appeal to violence or to the anihilation of different religions; on the contrary, both of them preach that people must be approached through Love, that the ones who are different must be respected and that all Humanity may live in Peace, sharing the same world, this world that is our Home. Brilliant, extraordinary, this moving speech certainly will change the way how many ones think and see the international status quo.


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