Lisbon Treaty – are you sure?

Don’t get me wrong – I am not writing to contest the EU, not even to question its principles or foundation. The EU is excellent. But we certainly need to think about a few issues before we put the cross on the paper and sign for everything they decide. Yes, the question of the Lisbon Treaty is  every nation’s autonomy. I’ll give you a good example, so that you can understand what I mean. In Portugal, when we travelled from North to South, we could see pastures, orchards and harvest-fields everywhere. Everything was green and prosperous. There was cattle, there was plenty of industry. The EU finished this cicle of prosperity and now the country is dry and deserted. No-one works in the fields. There is no agriculture, because the open market  killed it. Or perhaps it wasn’t the EU but, instead, a sequence of Ministers of Agriculture with poor negotiation skills, who sold every right the Portuguese farmers had. This is a question I’m raising. The fact is that the excellent milk the farmers produced was literally thrown on the road, the tasty tomatoes that used to grow everywhere were wasted because they could no longer be used for production. Our wonderful fruit disappeared and was replaced by some hybrid specimens, very good-looking but with no taste at all – because it wasn’t normalized. The EU ordered the farmers to root up the olive trees – one of the Portuguese most profitable exportations was the olive oil. Around two years ago, the Government proposed to pay good sums of money to whoever ripped off the vineyards… At last, I must say that the famous Porto wine is going through serious difficulties.

What about the fishing? Before the EU, people used to eat fish, because it was much cheaper than meat and very healthy. After the EU, it became impossible to the average citizen to buy it. It was – and still is – utterly expensive, and almost none of it comes from our extensive Portuguese coast.  Most of the Portuguese fishermen went into bankruptcy, and now who explores the Portuguese sea is Spain and the North-African countries. Even the surveillance of the sea was delivered to Spain (I love Spain, no misunderstandings; but how can this be?!)

I praise the UK for its genuine and excellent products and I most certainly don’t want to see them disappear as it happened in Portugal. So, EU? Perhaps, but handle with care.


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