Just try it! – Pasteis de Belem


pasteis-de-nata1,3 kg of puff pastry
0,5 l of milk 
275 g of sugar
35 g of flour without yeast 
salt enough (itsy bitsy)

margarine enough (one little ball)

one egg

five egg-yolks


Put the milk on the fire with the margarine ball.
Mix up the flour with the sugar and salt and, when the milk is finally boiling, add the mixture, spinning it hardly with a spoon.

Remove it from the fire, let it cool off a little and add the egg and the egg-yolks.

Add some vanilla or lemon, as you like it.

Let it cook at 290 degrees to 300 degrees, for about eight minutes. Never let it any longer, otherwise the filling will start coming out of the pastry.


Now this is one of the most famous recipes in Portugal. It is called “Pasteis de Belem” and the marvellous original ones are sold in a small but very busy confectionery shop in Belem (Lisbon). The secret of these extraordinary “pies” is kept by a Master-chef of this confectionery. Only he knows the secret ingredient added that makes them special (and it is worth millions!) It is a lifetime secret with centuries, which is passed from Master-chef to Master-chef and nobody else knows. I tried to find it, cooking these “pies” time after time and trying to get the right taste. Sometimes I got close, but never exact. As I just love them, I am defying anyone who finds out to tell me – not for the money; just to be able to eat those wonders again.


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