Breaking News – 80 million pounds transfer

Cristiano Ronaldo is going to Real Madrid, with a transference worth 80 millions. I should write about this, because I’m a Portuguese and I question how this fact leaves us, the Portuguese living here in England. Our faces are on the ground. What’s the price for loyalty? What’s the price for conscience?  Before the Champions League Final, he was there, hitting on the chest, pledging his loyalty and his dedication (he even talked about love) to Manchester United; saying that Sir Alex Ferguson was like a father to him and so on.  Well, this love story has had its ups and downs, because Cristiano Ronaldo had told before that he was like a slave (does he know what is slavery???). With the weekly wage and the quality of life he had, what would the average worker say?

This eighty millions leave us all with a weight in our minds, when we see around the whole world children dying of starvation, people who are not entitled to medical assistance, places, like hospitals, where a shamefully few 500 euro mean the difference between staying open and available to public or closing. Unlike the example quoted before on Rock the Cage, Michael Schumacher, the majority of Football players don’t give a dime to help anyone. My sincere apologies to the exceptions, who certainly will find a place with honour in our rows.


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