Can you hear the call of Nature?

Yesterday, my heart was full of sorrow with the injustice of this world; I suffered from disrespect and had threats – I felt like giving up. But then, I remembered the sites I used to visit when I was looking for words of wisdom – the American Indian poetry. I went back, but I’m sorry to say that I haven’t found that many and such magnificent ones as when I used to look for them – around 2000.

The American Indian poetry and songs represent a cultural riches that we can’t afford to lose. Some of the most beautiful works I know are there, rooted in an ancient culture, strongly bond with nature. It makes us travel to a world that we don’t want to see disappearing. It teaches how to respect and preserve the natural resources, to look at any rock, any tree, any drop of water, any animal, as something rare and precious. It teaches us how to remember our ancestors and how to respect our elders. I remember having read that, in some American Indian cultures, the youngsters have the responsability of taking care of the elders, and they consider it such a priviledge, because they have the opportunity of learning with them and to grow up as human beings. What a difference to our progressive cultures, where the elders are many times seen as useless burdens and are left in some forgotten places like hospitals and homes – sometimes in the streets – without proper care, waiting for the moment when death comes. Shocking? Yes. I first learned about this when I was travelling through Lisbon with some East-Timorese Sisters (dear friends) and they told me that in their country, with all the misery and the war that they endured for decades, they could never leave an elderly or a child in the streets.
The American Indian give as an example to follow, a timeless wisdom to learn from. I always had the dream of one day having the priviledge of being there, of learning from those fantastic persons who have so much to say. When I started learning Phytotherapy I had the dream of travelling around the world, talking to people who learned the secrets of nature from generation to generation and bringing their knowledge to the scientific world. How much would we gain with this research? Perhaps the answers to so many diseases that worry Humanity. I did tell you, when I was talking about the Brazilian rainforest, that the Brazilian Indian medicine men know the cure to Skin Cancer.
There are most marvellous things in this life than our tiny minds can imagine (the sentence isn’t mine and wasn’t told in these words). The answers are there, and we sometimes don’t need to go to school or University to reach the sky of greatness. To this greatness I pay my tribute and I bow and believe me, if I had the chance of doing anything to save those cultures, I would, because it is our “Home”, the cradle of Humanity.


One Response to “Can you hear the call of Nature?”

  1. Uncle Tree Says:

    Very well written, and I couldn’t agree with you more.

    I attempted to portray a scene as such in “A Native Request”
    last month. It’s probably not what your looking for, but after
    reading this, I wonder. In any case, if you’d like to look
    you can find me here. As an American, I know the debts
    we have yet to repay, and this was a tribute on my part.

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