Natural remedies against the Flu

The Magnificent four, 4 you

The Magnificent four, 4 you

If you feel the symptoms of a flu, of course you need to go to your doctor. No-one can replace the action of the doctors – they have all a scientific knowledge background which allows them to very effectively strike and defeat the disease. But sometimes its not enough. Sometimes, due to the credit crunch or whatever, GPs tend to prescribe only painkillers and expect them to have good results. Sometimes they don’t care – and let me tell you that Medicine is a “sacred” profession, one to which people only should go if they are willing to embrace all Humanity. It happened to me once to go with a child to the NHS, with terrible vomiting and Diarrhoea, and the GP said, with a smile “Oh, this is nothing!” Then, I went to the Private Service and by mere coincidence I found the same Doctor, who said that the child had had a serious intoxication and prescribed remedies accordingly, this time. Nothing much.

Tree with bandaid cross on trunk

Anyway, this is not the goal of this conversation. I always thought that conventional Medicine should walk hand in hand with Phytotherapy, because this cooperation would take to improved results. And there are already many Doctors – many ones with years and years of experience, who think just like me. With this article, though, I just wanted to give you some tools – tools to fight what is coming and what is already here. Tools to protect yourselves and your beloved ones. It’s so simple and innocuous that you can’t really imagine. The natural remedies are a gift from nature, something to which everyone can accede. That’s why it is called the “Medicine of the poor”.

The human body is an amazing “machine” and it has its own defensive systems, as you know – the immune system. It is very precise and very well prepared to fight everything. You don’t want to put “poisons” in your body to kill the bacteria; then you must start from the inside, striking with natural methods the cause of the disease. Of course the immune system  needs its own reinforcements, to help it work better.

One of them, one you  would never think about – would you? – is the common cabbage, Brassica Oleracea. What an amazing vegetable! The cabbage is like a geode. When you look at it, you can’t see nothing but an average stone. If you break it, what wonders you’ll find! That’s true. The average cabbage, that you’ll find in the supermarket or in your own backyard, has more healing properties than the rarest plant that you would pay a real fortune to get. And it’s accessible to everyone. It has no secondary effects, it’s a true miracle of the nature. It gives a true boost to your health. How would you use it? Well, not everyone is able to bite and chew it.  But you can always make a nice tasty juice of it and drink it. If you don’t like the taste, add, for example, a sweet orange juice or any other favourite of yours. The main thing – don’t cook the cabbage, or you’ll destroy many of its properties.

The next one is a tough choice. It’s one very respectable bulb, the Allium Sativum, to us known as garlic. Garlic is the natural antibiotic, with a wide spectrum, able to kill including cancer cells. It’s one of the most powerful cheap natural remedies and one which, under certain circumstances, you can also recur to as much as you want. Attention! It can’t be used by who has difficulties related to the blood coagulation, or who has ulcers. The garlic cleans your veins and makes the blood more fluid. It is excellent in the prevention of heart strokes or Trombosis. It is brilliant in Arteriosclerosis. It can’t be used by who suffers of Haemophillia. The smell is dreadful, the taste is unbearable to some. All right, but its benefits are extraordinary. You don’t need to chew it; just cut it in little pieces and swallow it with water. Once more, don’t cook it – just eat it raw. Ah, did you know that the Garlic is the source of “eternal” youth?

 The next one is its “cousin”, of the same family – Lilliaceae, with a much softer and more pleasant taste and smell, the Onion. Its Latin name is Allium Cepa. It is very used in salads, sauces and dressings. Of course, if you want to use it as a remedy, you must eat it raw.  Oh, but how refreshing and pleasant to these hot days. Make a nice salad and serve it with your meat or fish. The delicious Onion brightly cleans your Respiratory system and makes it so easy for you to breathe freely, to avoid congestion in your nose and throat. 

The last, but never the least, for now, is the common grapefruit – Citrus Paradisi, also known as Pamplemossa. This is a fruit which is being researched right now and used for many healing purposes. It also has no secondary effects and you can enjoy it as much as you like. You can make beautiful fruit salads of it, juices and cakes and, while your family enjoys it, they will be reinforcing their defences and giving their bodies a strong advantage against disease. You can find it everywhere, nowadays and it’s quite cheap. It isn’t beneficial just against flu or pulmonary diseases, but it also has a very calming effect on the stomach – and many others, so many ones…

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Once more, don’t make any confusion, go to your GP, insist, keep trying.  But don’t leave behind what you can do yourself for your own protection. The Herbalism doesn’t promise immediate solutions, but it guarantees long-lasting ones. And though we don’t really know yet how to deal with the Swine flu or with the Avian flu, I can tell you that these four tips will give you certainly a good advantage when facing them. And none of us has the right, in such a situation, of keeping such valuable knowledge a secret.

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3 Responses to “Natural remedies against the Flu”

  1. […] Original post by Silvia […]

  2. Uncle Tree Says:

    I’m glad supper is about ready, Silvia, because I’m sure hungry now.

    Cabbage rolls and sauerkraut are two of my favorites, but I’m a
    sourpuss who loves dill pickles and lemonade together. On the garlic,
    I only use that when cooking Italian food. As far as raw onions go,
    I’ll only eat the purple ones with salad, the rest I have to cook in
    for flavor, or they give me heartburn.

    Grapefruit, huh? I didn’t know that citrus fruit was so special. I’m
    stuck on bananas in the morning, and an apple in the afternoon.
    Not a lot of variety in there, I know, but they’ve gotten me this far.
    And my daily bread is the best in the world, but it’s $7.50 a loaf.

    Time to eat. Yeah! You put me on your blogroll I see. How very nice
    of you to do that. Thank you kindly! Chow, UT

  3. Thank you very much for your reply. It was very, very funny and interesting. Later, I’ll give you a recipe of Hungarian (Tototkaposzta), which are delicious little meat and rice rolls with cabbage pickle. I’m sure you’ll love it. All the best. “See you later”!

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