A world beyond your imagination…

Gyilkos-tó, Transylvania
Image by Mr. White Rabbit via Flickr

Those who love the Nature must visit this land! A world of high mountains, of lakes and crystal rivers,where the wolves and lynxes roam freely, where the fierce bears come and ask for delicacies. Transilvania isn’t just the world of Dracula, is the home of legends as the one you are going to read. Enjoy it.

“A long time ago, a very beautiful girl lived near the Gyergyó. Her hair was black as a blackberry, her eyes were greyish-green and her body was like a proud and gracious tree in the wind.

In a sunny day of July, before lunchtime, she went to the town fair. There, she found a tall handsome boy, who could with his arms take the breath from a bear. He played a flute as no-one else in those surroundings. He also knew how to build wood houses and wagons. When their eyes met it was like a lightening; they immediately fell in love with each other because true love appears in such a way, as a thunder in a clear blue sky.

The boy bought a silk blue sky coloured écharpe and a cookie with a mirror. He asked Eszter to be his bride.

The marriage didn’t happen, because the boy was taken to the army.

Eszter waited faithfully for her love. In the afternoons, when the sun laid behind the mountains, she picked up a clay jar and went up to where the water sings over the stones. There she stayed for hours, thinking of her beloved. Even the heart of the mountains became softer with her sad sighs and songs.

On a Sunday afternoon, the leader of the highway men saw Eszter by the water. He sat the beautiful girl on the horse saddle, ahead of him and took her, like a hurricane, to the Kis-Cohárd, among the rocks of a thousand faces, where he had his hiding.

He promised her gold, silver, and a palace of diamonds if she loved him, but the girl didn’t feel anything for him. She kept waiting for her love, from the sunrise to the sunset.

Seeing this, the outlaw was furious and wanted to force Eszter to be his wife.

Eszter screamed, asking the silent witnesses of the mountains for help. The rocks prolonged her painful scream and that night they answered with a storm. The rain fell abundantly and the lightening bolts illuminated the darkest night ever.

At dawn, the Earth shook and the rocks rolled down to the valley. The huge earthquake killed everything, buried forever  – Eszter, the outlaws and even the shepherd with his sheep, who was in the other side of the mountain. It was the last Sunday of July and the first rays of dawn found a landscape full of boulders.

The valley, where yesterday the crystal water of the Vereskô stream walked yet, today is completely closed by the fallen rocks. Instead of the narrow valley, there is a lake from which water even today arise the logs of the dead trees. The local shepherds call it the Gyilkos To (Killer Lake or Red Lake). This way came from the death in the mountain the water of life.

Flirck CC - bordescristian - Lacul Rosu

Flirckr CC - bordescristian - Lacul Rosu

If in the sunny days you look at the water of this lake, so sweet and peaceful, Eszter’s greyish-green eyes will look back at you.”

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One Response to “A world beyond your imagination…”

  1. Uncle Tree Says:

    Have you been to this place, Silvia? It is a true story, yes?
    All those poor trees have lost their heads. That’s spooky.

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