Africa in her hands…

I met this extraordinary girl at the Education and Culture Journeys of Cascais. What can I tell you about her? She has one singular gift and she can do magic with her hands. Give her a piece of paper, a tile, and she will transform it in a piece of beauty. I remember one day going with her to Lisbon and, while we were waiting at the Mocambique Kultural, in a matter of ten minutes, she drew Dalai Lama’s face, with his smile, with the expression in his eyes, with all his wrinkles… Irreprehensible. 

In the Brush Marathon
In the Brush Marathon

I walked with her for a few years. We shared the same passion, the same dream, the same project. Filipa Goncalves, and her husband, the poet Delmar Goncalves awakened in my spirit a conscience of  of a world that everybody pretends to know but few know about. With them, I discovered the flaming colours, the sounds and the smells of Africa – a beauty beyond comparison. I learned about the Culture and the people of Mozambique – such sweetness, such generosity are hard to find nowadays.

But there was more than a mere awareness of Africa in this girl – a participation in all charity activities of cultural divulgation, a constant “reason to run” in the cause of Peace. She helped me in the creation of the Day of Peace and I have much to thank her for.

Her home is the most amazing collection of Art that I’ve ever seen (except in any museum). And, what most impressed me is the way how she gathered there all the heroes of Peace – Mother Theresa of Calcuta, the Dalai Lama, Johannes Paulus II, D. Ximenes Belo and many others…

Such a personality should never remain in the dark. So many times I look for her page and for her work and I can’t find her… It’s too bad to think that her talent may be lost. I promised to help her in every way I could. And though our paths told us apart, this is my way of paying her a fair tribute.

Feeling about East Timor

Feeling about East Timor

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