It’s so difficult to rule the world!

To my father…

Do you know that song?…

“If I ruled the world…”

If I ruled the world, no innocents would be condemned for crimes that they didn’t do.

No-one would suffer from solitude; no-one would feel abandoned.

Razor wire

If I ruled the world, schools would be happy places, where children would love to learn.

If I ruled the world, every child would have a mummy and a daddy

(those words are on purpose).

No infants would be killed.

If I ruled the world, there would be no hunger

No despair, no cold…

There would be free water

and electricity for everyone.

If I ruled the world, no-one would feel ill

And have no doctor to run to.

No-one would remain without a shelter;

No-one would need to sleep on the street

(unless if they wanted to)…

If I ruled the world there would be no pollution,

No specimens in risk of extintion…

I would plant trees everywhere!

If I ruled the world, there would be laughter,

Tears of joy,

Songs everywhere.

If I ruled the world there would be heaven,

With open doors for everyone.

People would wear different colours

children's messages for Peace

children's messages for Peace

In their faces and hearts,

To make it even more beautiful!

Love would be the Law…


But this is me…

It isn’t hard to understand why I don’t rule the world, is it?!

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2 Responses to “It’s so difficult to rule the world!”

  1. Uncle Tree Says:

    Your father will smile at this one, for sure.
    “She’s always been a dreamer,” I here him say.
    I don’t believe you left anything out. It’s really sweet.
    The first pic I like, and the little bear-like cub, too.
    What a neat mural. I bet their teacher is proud of them.

    I wish you a happy belated Mother’s Day, too.
    Have a great weekend, Silvia. Summa is heeya!

  2. Thank you, Uncle Tree, for your most kind words.
    My father is deceased, unfortunately, but I believe that where he is he can hear.
    As to the teacher, that was me. It was in 2001, Day of Peace. I’m very proud of my children, yes. All of them.
    Bless you. I find myself always expecting your wise words.

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