The sea in my heart

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When anyone asks me what I miss the most about Portugal, I always reply : “The sea!”

The sea is something extraordinary. The sound of the sea, the smell of the sea, the taste of the salty water… How I miss those days when I came from work and went to the seashore, just to plunge my feet in the cold water… I didn’t even clean them afterwards, just to take a little with me when I went home. And to dive in the sea, to feel all the body involved in the water, it’s like being born again.

So many hours I stood there, sitting on a rock, contemplating the flow of the waves, and the colours  changing every moment. The sea at the sunrise is something unforgettable. There are no words to describe this marvellous sight.

Now that I’m far away, the sea fills my soul – it is a voice, allways calling. I know that the sea is beautiful everywhere, and I know that some day I will find a place where I can breathe it again. I know that there are a thousand enchanting seas I haven’t seen yet. I know that my problem is – I’m always longing for things I haven’t seen or touched.


There is a song from a Brazilian poet, Tom Jobim, Wave,  which I heard when I was a little girl, and whose words remain engraved in my mind. No-one could express better what I feel about the sea, and that’s why I’m quoting it. Translated it would be something like this:

The sea at Dawn

The sea at Dawn

“Everything else is the sea

 Things that I don’t know how to say:

Are pretty things that I have, to give you…”




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