Happy birthday!

Carpe diem

Carpe diem

I’m fourty one years old. One more year in this trail of stones and flowers that is life. It makes me wonder… I question myself about the purposes of life, about the things I have to do, about the changes I need.

I don’t fear the passage of time, nor I fear the old age.  I think the old age is a time of glories, a time of giving, of teaching.  I think it’s a time of revelations, when all the beauty acquired in a lifetime blossoms.

No, it’s not that.

Sometimes I think that life shouldn’t be like this – at this age I should have more… Security.

But then I think… Security? I never chose to walk in the pavements. I chose to jump from the cliffs, to climb the mountains, to dive in the rivers, to explore the dark side of the moon. I’m not in the “secure” path.  The price I pay for flying is this. Oh, but flying is so much more gratifying than walking in the pavements. I can see the sun, feel the kiss of the breeze, float on the crest of the wave… This is my life.

When I look back, I say – I don’t have a good job, I have no money, no car, the house where I live isn’t mine, each day I must count the pennies to make them last. But… If I die today, or tomorrow, I can say that I LIVED! God, what a conversation!

Me and Iris - painted by Margarida

Me and Iris - painted by Margarida

No, let’s change subject – I have one extraordinary husband, three most wonderful children, two grannies… I have LOVE in my life. Priceless. A treasure that Ebenezer Scrooge (Charles Dickens’ character) would give his fortune for.



The Love is urgent,
Is urgent a boat in the sea.
It is urgent to destroy certain words
Hatred, solitude and cruelty,
Some moans,
Many swords.

It is urgent to invent joy,

To multiply the kisses, searas,

Is urgent to discover roses and rivers

And clear mornings.

Silence in the shoulders,

 And the impure light falls until aching.

 The love is urgent

Is urgent to remain.

                                                 (Eugénio de Andrade)

This is one of the most brilliant poems of the Portuguese literature, and one of the children’s preferences.

Love is urgent, to heal the wounds of a world in danger. Love is the urgent solution to the misunderstandings and fears that originate war.

Love is the answer when the questions are too many…

Discovering the rivers...

Discovering the rivers...



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One Response to “Happy birthday!”

  1. Uncle Tree Says:

    Happy Birthday, Silvia!

    Sorry to hear that your father cannot be there to celebrate with you.
    I agree with your assessment, in that he still somehow knows, and
    shares in your wonderful thoughts for him.

    That love creates urgent urges while retaining a load of patience
    is wonderfully marvelous, and practically a miracle. Nice poem there.

    May the flight to 50 lift you to newer and more novel realms.
    I wish your husband a great day, and you and your kids, too.

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