The songs in the deep blue…

Did you ever see the Prince of Egypt, from Brenda Chapman and Steve Hickner? What a wonderful piece of Art, with a beautiful script, magnificent images and a moving soundtrack. Defined as a “celebration of the human spirit”, this film received several awards of the Academy and earned the status of a mark in the History of Cinema. This is the story of two brothers, separated by the destiny and the mission of their lives.

One of the most outstanding scenes is the crossing of the Red Sea, when the waters part, forming two brilliant walls and… suddenly, we see the whales coming towards the wall and slowly swimming back. The surprise in the children’s faces, the mystic of these images, the songs of the whales… Is something fascinating.


Harmony, the story of a friendly gray whale
Image by SparkyLeigh via Flickr

One day, when children of the next generations see this film or other documentaries, what will they say? “What beauty is this, that we can no longer see?”

The whale is a marvellous creature. It’s completely different from the other ones which live in the sea. Some say that in the past, its ancestors ventured on land. And, afterwards, for unknown reasons, they went back to the sea. They evolved into a cohesive society, where relationships perform an important part. Their communication system is very ellaborated and consists in a mystery that Science is trying to solve. They are intelligent, sensitive and, in my oppinion, peaceful.

The whales have a surprising bone strucure, in which the arm is similar to the human. If they could, they would hug their beloved ones as we do.

But the whales are disappearing. The International Convention for the Regulation of Whaling – ICRW – was created by the UN in 1946, to avoid an undiscriminative killing, and many countries adhered to an interdiction of whaling, against the oppinions and the commercial interests. In some countries, the whales are still being hunted, on the excuse of “scientific research” and their meat appears in exquisite restaurants at an exorbitant price… The most rare species, the ones that soon we won’t be able to see anymore, are the Blue Whale and the Gray Whale.

I’ve seen once an enchanting film about a young boy, an American Indian teenager, who was travelling in a canoe through the Alaska. In his journey, when crossing a gulf, he found a whale. He respectfully asked her if he could travel across her territory. Of course she didn’t answer, but that attitude of reverence certainly shows us a way how we could live in harmony with all this beauty that fills our world. I would really like to quote the name of this film, and I’ve looked for it everywhere, but I couldn’t find it and for this I present my apologies.

These feelings, of amazement, sorrow, disappointment, and somehow an indignation shine through the words of another Brazilian gentleman, Roberto Carlos, in his song As baleias (The whales). It’s a really Rock the Cage song, destined to those who hold the power to change and to those who refuse to open their eyes; not to you, sensible souls, who praise beauty and protect Life. Stop… Listen.

It is not possible that you bear the pain
Of looking at the eyes of what dies in your hands
To see in the sea to strive the suffering
And even feel a winner at this moment

Blue Whale, Balaenoptera Musculus
Image by flickkerphotos via Flickr

It is not possible that in the deep of your chest
Your heart does not have kept tears
To spill on the spilled red
In the blue of the waters that you stained.

Your grandchildren will ask you in a few years
For the whales that crossed oceans
That they saw in old books…

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