A word from the silenced.

Kosovo Refugees: Return and Displacement
Image by United Nations Photo via Flickr

There are still too many children involved in wars around the globe.

Children suffer with war; some of them are tortured to obtain information from their parents or as a form of retaliation.

Children are recruited to war at very early ages. They are convinced, by people with no scruples, that by killing they are doing “the right thing”.

“Displaced” children or “refugees” are gathered in camps where the conditons are dreadful. Those camps are normally in deserted places, with very scarce food and water. Diseases spread and many children have no medical assistance.

Internally Displaced Face Harsh Conditions In Relief Camps

Children are still victims of land-mines, even in countries where the war is over. In 64 countries, land-mines are still active, hidden on the ground, in fields where children play or take the cattle to pastures.

Children suffer from post-traumatic experience effects after the war. They have horrifying nightmares, difficulty in concentrating, no hope for the future. The psychological wounds know no healing and they will bear the pain for the rest of their lives.

Hiroshima Hold The Peace Memorial Ceremony
Children are left abandoned with no-one to take care of them. Their families are dead, they have no school, no love, no perspectives to the future. There is no sense of joy in their lives.

Hundreds of children are dying every day…

There is one only solution – Rock the Cage; put an end to the wars.

War makes no sense, has no reason or justification.

There are no winners in a war.

His mother’s little boy


“In the abandoned plain

That the mild breeze heats,

Of bullets pierced –

Two, side the side,

Lies deceased, and cools.

Rays his regimentals the blood.

Extended arms,

Pale, blond, bloodless,

Stares with languishing look

And blind the lost skies.

So young! How young he was!

(now how old is he?)

Only son, the mother gave him

a name and he kept it:

“His mother’s little boy.”

The brief case fell of his pocket.

His mother had given it to him.

It is entire and good the case.

It is him who already does not serve.

Of another pocket, a winged

Edge touching the ground,

The sheathed whiteness

Of a handkerchief… gave to him the old maid

 Who used to carry him on her lap.

Far away, at home, there is a prayer:

“May he come back early, and well”

(Meshes that the Empire weaves)

Decays and lies dead

 His mother’s little boy.”

(Fernando Pessoa)


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2 Responses to “A word from the silenced.”

  1. Uncle Tree Says:

    Stunning, and mind numbing, Silvia.
    That it’s always been this way, and will remain
    this way in our lifetime, is a reality worth despising.
    No matter how much we shake things up, time has a way
    of settling us back into our old, steady, warring and well-worn
    habits. The poem fits wonderfully, and the handkerchief brings tears.

    Rock The Cage! (I love your blog title and pic) I wish you the best! UT

  2. Thank you very much, Uncle Tree. It’s very good to see you back! I know you’re right – there is this side of sad reality that we can do very little about. But I’m an old donkey and I’ll carry my flags until I die. I also thought it would never change, but then I saw this amazing man get to the Presidency of the United States. He refreshed my beliefs in a different world – don’t be downhearted, Uncle Tree. There are still wonderful persons in this world Rocking the Cage for Peace.

    I’m going back into my “dragging cages” job today. I want to scream, I’m praying to God to give me strength to bear the Karma.

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