Magic brush

Pedro Duarte Silva Freitas was born in Lisbon 22 of October 1953, son of the sculptor Silva Freitas. His works are part of many diverse art collections private and public, all over the world. His peculiar art style is stronger in the impressionism and abstract constructive categories.

Show me a way

So that I can follow you;

I’m so alone,

I don’t know what else to do…

Everything in this life

Lost its sense.

I feel so lonely;

I have no reasons to live.

The dreams are shattered

In a thousand pieces,

As a water mirror

In the moonlight.


I look through the window

At the light of Dawn;

The hopes revive,

A warmth in the heart.


Sweet clear-blue mist –

Fairy or angel?…

Give me Life!

Give me Love!

Give me the air that I breathe…



One day, when I wake up…

I will be born again!

I must say that, even though I’m not a Poet, I thought that this special painter would deserve one attempt. The words came to me slowly, during the day, as I thought about each of these paintings. My father knew the Artist; he is still a mystery to me.

1. Jesus

2. Untitled

3. Untitled

4. Blue Angel

5. Fire bird


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2 Responses to “Magic brush”

  1. Uncle Tree Says:

    You did well in adding your own words to the pictures, Silvia.
    “As a water mirror
    In the moonlight”
    That is poetically speaking, I believe.
    I don’t call myself a poet, either.

    The Jesus pic is awesome,
    and the Phoenix is bright and colorfully glorious.

    Have a great weekend! Chow, Keith

  2. Dear Uncle Tree, it is quite diffucult to me to comment paintings or to evaluate the quality of a painting, because where Silvia sees a cow, Theresa sees a flower, John sees a guitar… I don’t know what I see, I try to understand the artist’s feelings through the colours and the expression. I agree with you, those are my favourites, and there’s something magic in the Blue Angel too. I love them all.
    Thank you for your kindness and for always finding the right words to say…

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