Hope to Harley.

friends helping friendsImage by johnpiercy via Flickr

This is a story I could not remain indifferent to, and as I know, and I believe, that Blogs may take the stories further, I thought I would give it a try… Maybe it gets to the right place.

The little Harley is in Manchester Children’s Hospital.
He is four years old only. A bright, cute little boy with deep, beautiful brown eyes.
Little Harley had Meningitis B, a terrible disease that can knock in anyone’s door. Any of us…
He fought for life. He survived. But his limbs were amputated.
Harley is still smiling and he still has faith in life.
His parents are asking for new prosthetic members for Harley. It isn’t too expensive; £100.000.

I won’t point the finger, this time. I won’t say: football players, politicians, economists, renowned artists. I will just say… What if?… What if it was your child?

Those who earn millions, thousands of pounds every week (or any other currency, who cares)… Hey, what difference will it make to you £100.000 more or less? What blessings and greatness you’ll feel in your conscience seeing little Harley growing well and happy?

With your help!

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