Odin’s longest night

Thunder above Madeira waters
Image by Madeira via Flickr

      A long, lonely and stony path ran among the boulders, progressively enlarging as the pouring rain swept the hills. Standing close to the junction, leaning to an old worm-eaten log of a fallen tree, absent-minded from the wind, the traveller was thinking. His grey curly hair wasn’t even wet, in spite of the great downpour, perhaps because his sharp-pointed hat, with large brims, was sheltering him from the storm. A half-smile lightened his face and a naughty shine was dancing in his eyes. As any young mischievous boy waiting in the shade to play a trick on the careless, an expression of determination on his young face. A young face of an old man; what a timeless irony! Yes, but so it was! His skin was smooth and fresh as a child’s .

      Impatient, he scratched the contorted staff in the ground. What was happening? It was late – the shadows lenghtened among the trees. He wasn’t afraid of the darkness; no! What could there be in the night to affect him? He was fearless, in fact, but it occurred to him that the young travellers he was waiting for were delayed by the night. Now, what? What would he do?

      He closed his eyes, with all his might, and whispered his doubts to the wind. In this very moment, a lone thunder roared far away and an unforeseen flash lightened the sky.

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2 Responses to “Odin’s longest night”

  1. Uncle Tree Says:

    This magic man, this traveler, I believe, has been through
    my neighborhood. It happened once, though it was very long ago.
    Wotan is the name I remember, though he probably has many
    such disguises with which to wander about.

    “…and a naughty shine was dancing in his eyes.” Terrific!
    “…and whispered his doubts to the wind.”
    And the skies symbolically answered back with a
    light and sound show. What a trick! A visual art unmatched!

    A great bit of writing, Silvia! I like this fictional side of you.
    Encore! Encore! Perhaps, if I close my eyes hard enough…

  2. Great Uncle Tree! I loved your comment.
    It’s a rare priviledge to know these (gods or spirits) who travel through the Earth. You’re a magic man.
    Thank you so much.
    I have so many doubts about my attempts to write and it is so rewarding to know that somebody likes…
    You are a treasure.

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