A prayer to the grannies

Little one

Mother of God

Mother of God

“You are tiny and you laugh… The brief mouth
Is a small rose idyll…
Stem of fragile and mimosa iris!
Safe of kisses done dream and snow!

Candy chimera that our soul owns
To the Sky that thus makes you so gracious!
How in this bitter and tormenting life
it made you be born as a light perfume!

Seeing your look makes people well…
Smells and knows, our mouth, the flowers
When it says your name, softly…

Tiny the Mother of God dreamed you,
May she move away from you those grieves
That made of me this, who I am!”

Florbela Espanca

An Angel in our lives

An Angel in our lives

To those who walked before us in this path of rocks and flowers, who cried our tears,
who laughed our joy, who gave us the most precious knowledge and prepared the way to our happiness.
Thank you for your blessings.
Wish you were here

Wish you were here

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