In the eye of the storm



“I’m a boat of sails and oars
I am a vagabond of the sea.
I do not have marked scale
Nor hour to arrive:
It is everything as the wind,
Everything as the tide…
Many times it happens
To loose the taken route
To the beach where I was going…
Was it the wind that turned?
Was it the sea that enraged
And there is no shelter haven?
Or was it my will
Of vagabond of the sea?
I don’t know.
Whatever it was
I have no marked route
I walk to the whim of the tide.
That’s why, my friends,
The storm of life
Caught me in the loafed sea.
And now
Want it or not,
Happy face and strong arm:
I am in my rank to fight!
If I sink, it’s finished.
These things happen
To the vagabonds of the sea.”

Manuel da Fonseca

Another stray dog’s day
I have no words to say…


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