The Blue Dragon

“A spark of blue illuminated the darkness, as the shining scales moved towards the lonely light coming from a hole in the ceiling, somewhere. The great turquoise blue dragon lifted its black polished claws before them and its red eyes flamed in wrath.” (The Wolves’ Keeper Legend)

“Whatever the scientists may say,
if we take the supernatural out of life,
we leave only the unnatural.”
(Amelia Barr)

Quetzal entering nest, Costa RicaImage via Wikipedia

The legend of the blue dragon-snake has resemblances with Quetzalcoatl, the Mayan god, even though it wasn’t inspired in it. Quetzalcoatl was a snake with the magnificent blue feathers of the Quetzal-bird. He is also known as the god of the Star of Dawn. He is the Spirit of the Water, the god of birth and rebirth, the one who came from the skies to teach humans the wisdom of the space-travellers.

Quetzalcoatl knows the secrets of the snakes. He is “El curandero”, the one who heals, using all kinds of medicinal plants.
“The water column changed, defining thousands, millions of little water drops, in a light-blue colour, like sea-water stone scales, and the extremity transformed into an enormous reptile mouth. The water dragon undulated, as if dancing to an invisible flute.”

(The Wolves’ Keeper Legend)

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One Response to “The Blue Dragon”

  1. Uncle Tree Says:

    You were an incredible writer by the age of 12, Silvia!
    Isn’t Quetzalcoatl the snake swallowing it’s own tail?
    I think I learned of it from D.H. Lawrence. Cool story!

    Are you no longer here? You’ve moved to blogspot?
    Please excuse my absence. I needed some down time.
    I’ve been interviewed by Medicated Lady.
    If you’d like, do please check it out. Okay? Thanks!

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