About Me

     My name is Silvia Weber. I was born in Abrantes, Portugal, in  1968. I started writing at the age of twelve, sending articles to newspapers and participating in school contests. At the age of 23, I graduated in Modern language and Literature, specializing in both Education and Investigation.  I was a teacher for sixteen wonderful years, during which I always tried to make my pupils believe in their potential and see the future as something worth fighting for.
      A wide diversity of interests took me to a life of researching and studying a variety of subjects such as languages, phytotherapy and painting. A strong belief in dreams took me and my family (my husband and three children) to the United Kingdom at the age of 39, searching for a place to call “Home”. I compressed all my past life in an old van, gave everything else to the poor and arrived here in Our Majesty’s land of Hope and Glory, without a job, without references and without a place to sleep.  Here I published my first book,(The Wolves’ Keeper Legend) but I can’t work as a teacher. Now I’m working in Retail and I’m studying Management Accounting – looking for a brighter future.


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