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“Outstanding civilization”

Posted in funny with tags , , , on June 3, 2009 by Silvia

Billy Connelly is one of my favourite characters of Rock the Cage. He cheered up so many of my working nights. Now, that I’m working at the “outstanding civilization” – no, I’m not talking about Glasgow; I’m talking about the food retail world – his words make much more sense to me. Believe me, I never was a fan of comedians; I never had even the patience to listen to them. I’m the kind of person who doesn’t have a talent for jokes, but Billy made me like the style. He has a very acute and healthy vision of this world, of people and of the society we are living in.

I’m working in retail, the lowest category of worker you can think about – the one who is called a “Customer Assistant” (what does that mean?).  The Managers, those brilliantly intelligent men and women who walk through the store as if they were in a passerelle, stop by and ask “Do you know who I am?” When I ask how they do the prices for their supplies, they simply tell me “Oh, it comes from the computer!” as the child who is asked where the milk comes from and replies “It comes from the bottles!”, without understanding that somewhere there is an animal who generates it. They also say: “You must work harder, or else how can we earn our bonuses?” But the funniest thing happened when we were discussing our holiday plans, in an informal conversation outside, and I said that I would like to go to Norway, to see the fjords. “Oh Norway! Is that in the North of UK?” Incredible? No, this is true. What do I have against those poor people? It’s a fact, we should pity those who didn’t the opportunity to learn. But the problem is – they learned so well so many things that they shouldn’t, and cared less for the things they should. For example, they think that lying is a good strategy to get results. This was what surprised me the most. It happens continuously, from the highest level to the lowest. They don’t understand that the only way that they can conquer and maintain the respect of the worker is telling the truth, no matter how hard it is.  Of course there are exceptions, but so rare! The good people sooner or later leave to other areas, because they can’t stand the way how things are done. We could get here to the definition of a good leadership – politeness, respect, truth, attention to detail, show a positive example, raise the morale. Am I dreaming or what?  Well, Billy, this is my outstanding civilization. So many things I learned here that will be good for my life, but the best is that it gives me an outstanding motivation to move on and to be different.

I mean: Rock the cage! 🙂